Environment Principles

One of the garden village principles is “Beautifully and imaginatively designed homes with gardens, combining the best of town and country”. This is exactly what Crest Nicholson and Aviva Investors are going to achieve at Longcross.

Longcross Garden Village is a ‘Landscape Led’ masterplan which means that landscape and environment is at the heart of the proposals.

This will include:

  • Creation of large areas of open space including play areas, allotments, sports pitches and amenity greenspace
  • New direct accessible walking and cycling routes
  • Opportunity for the creation of ‘eco corridors’, with emphasis on wildlife planting.
  • The landscape character will reflect the local area, for example with Village Greens at the entrances

The environment plays a significant part in the proposals alongside protecting Chobham Common SPA. Both existing and new residents will benefit from the proposals – creating a 21st century village community that reflects the best that Surrey has to offer.