The Vision


A garden village is a chance to create something special. It means creating a new identifiable place which incorporates the very best of masterplanning and design to create something which new and existing residents, people who work there and visitors can enjoy.

At Longcross Garden Village, this means:

✔︎ Homes suitable for everyone

✔︎ New high-quality places to work

✔︎New places to shop, socialise and enjoy

✔︎ Transport improvements to Longcross Station and an enhanced Southwestern (?) service

✔︎ New walking and cycling routes helping to connect surrounding areas and encourage sustainable travel

✔︎ Over 40 hectares of open space – the equivalent of 100 football pitches

✔︎ Sustainable building methods and materials used to create high-quality homes

Ultimately, Longcross Garden Village will be a 21st century village community that reflects the best that Surrey has to offer.

What is a Garden Village and how does this relate to Longcross?

A garden village is a holistically planned new development which improves the existing site and offers significant community benefits not only the new residents but also to existing residents.

The Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) stipulates that garden villages must have:

Principles Longcross
Strong vision, leadership and community engagement ✔︎
Mixed-tenure homes ✔︎
Different housing types that are genuinely affordable. ✔︎
Well designed homes – combining town and country living ✔︎
A wide range of local jobs within easy commuting distance of homes. ✔︎
Enhancing the natural environment – providing significant green spaces ✔︎
New community facilities – shops, recreational and cultural within walking distance ✔︎
Accessible and different forms of transport ✔︎
Community long term ownership of assets ✔︎


Crest Nicholson and Aviva Investors want to make Longcross the very best development where the local community will not only call home but are proud of what will be achieved.