The transport strategy for Longcross Garden Village will seek to maximise the opportunities for using sustainable modes of transport, whilst undertaking specific mitigating actions at particular points in the highways network.

The traffic generated by the proposed scheme has been assessed and modelled using Surrey County’s strategic transport model. We are engaging with the County now that this model has been updated to reflect the latest traffic conditions on the road network. This will inform the transport strategy.


Transport impact will be addressed and managed through the provision of mixed-use facilities in order to improve accessibility for the population, reducing their reliance on longer-distance travel to access goods and services. Public transport improvements are also being pursued, including improved rail linkages to provide improved wider connectivity.

To deal with the residual impact of traffic, the implementation of a number or all of the schemes noted on the adjacent plan is currently being proposed. These would increase traffic capacity at individual junctions thereby improving the overall traffic position across the highway network and also improving the performance of junctions for all road users.


The impact of traffic will be further managed and monitored through a Green Travel Plan covering a number of aspects of the whole development. Its implementation would be secured through a planning obligation, which would involve local stake-holders in the setting up of a working group to take forward a number of sustainable transport measures.