Transport Strategy

One of the purposes of a garden village is to create integrated and accessible transport systems, with walking, cycling and public transport designed to be the most attractive forms of local transport.

Longcross Garden Village will have extensive new direct accessible walking and cycling routes across the site while looking to connect existing routes to the network.

Crest Nicholson and Aviva Investors are also working with Network Rail and South Western Railways to improve the service at Longcross. The number of trains have already increased from 12 to 27 services in recent months and it is understood that South Western Railway has now submitted proposals to increase this to 35 trains in May 2019.

For car movement, the project team have extensively surveyed the area are currently working on what improvements can be made such as speed restrictions and improved junctions from the access onto Longcross Road.

Crest Nicholson and Aviva Investors are looking at all possibilities regarding transport.

Should you have any further questions regarding transport, please get in touch.